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    Review from Jared and Alexis Soliman

    "From our first wedding meeting, Connor was super easy to work with. He always emphasized that this was OUR wedding and he wanted to fulfill what we envisioned. We asked Connor to DJ and MC for our reception and he gave us more than we had asked for. His creativity and open-format style captured the exact vibes we wanted, when we wanted it. His technique and musicality is truly unique, and I still have guests telling me that our wedding had the best music out of all the weddings they've attended. What I loved most about working with Connor is that he frequently checked in whether it was making sure he can start the next event in the schedule, how we are feeling about the music, or even if we needed anything at all. It is easy to see that Connor loves what he does and he can speak volumes through music. I would not hesitate to recommend Connor to anyone looking for a DJ, they would be lucky to land him."